Due to the extensive range of different sized milling machines, E. Quinn Contracts Limited have the capability to carry out any sized milling contract.

Find an overview of our range of machines below:

W35 Planer

W35 Planers

Ideally suited to:

  • Milling around street furniture
  • Footway surface removal
  • Removal of road markings with micro fine milling drum
  • Working on bridges to expose water proofing
  • Planing at multi storey car parks with weight restrictions
  • Underground car-parks or where height restrictions apply
W60 Planers

W60 Planers

The cost of cutting tracks on the carriageway for utility laying can be greatly reduced through the use of our W60 milling machine.

In some instances the re-sale value of the RAP produced covers the actual cost of the planer hire.

This machine will cut to a maximum depth of 280mm in one pass.


W100CFI Planers

A versatile sized machine for works varying from cutting tie-ins on country roads to car park surface removal. 1m size planers are transported to site behind tipper trucks with specially modified tail doors. All machines from the 1m size up are fitted with VCS. This vacuum system removes airborne dust & deposits it in the rear of the waiting tippers. This makes for a much more environmentally friendly operation for both operators and those nearby.

W120CFI Planers

W120CFI Planers

These planers are the latest generation planers on the market. They are a powerful mid range machines capable of complete highway removal to a depth of 320mm & are also transported to site behind tipper lorries with modified bodies. Having the milling drum at the rear of the machine, means that the 1m & 1.2m planers can access corners in car-parks where the larger machines cannot.

W200FI Planers

W200FI Planers

These powerful 600 HP machines are the industry standard where large volume of road surfacing removal is required quickly.

The versatility of these machines stretches from motorway and runway applications to car parks & housing estates. In the right conditions a 20 tonne tipper can be filled with recycled asphalt in 6 minutes.

Fine Milling

Fine Milling

In recent years many clients have specified that planing is to be carried out using a fine milling drum. The standard milling drums have a line spacing of 15mm between the picks whereas fine milling drums picks are 8mm spacing. This gives a smoother running surface for traffic to drive on before the new surface is laid plus it allows for better bonding between the milled surface and the new surfacing.

Jet Washing

Jet Wash

With the introduction of fine milling, came the requirement for providing a super clean milled surface. Normal road sweepers still collect 90% of the dust left behind the planer but in order to provide a surface completely from dust the road requires to be high pressure washed.

Ancillary Plant

Ancillary Plant

To complement our fleet of road planers we have low loaders, tipper trucks & low loader trailers, road sweepers, skid steer loaders & water bowsers.

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